Learn how to make coffee!

  • 2016-10-30
  • 費德里科

Sunday, me and my classmate we went to learn how to made coffee. Its the first time for me use professional coffee machine, the owner of the coffee shop really take us one by one amd teach us how to made coffee and beautiful cappuccino! It's was a fantastic experience, i really like because the owner really put it's passion for teach the students how to made a good coffee also the stuff that work with him its very polite and friendly. This coffee shop the address is: 融合度咖啡 地址:嘉義市東區中山路223號 (Chiayi city zhongshan street N 223) the owner sale also many kind of coffee 真的很多種類!Thank you 老闆 give to us this opportunity!

Learn how to make coffee!

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